Cold resistant conveyor belts


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Steel cord conveyor belts

Ordinary steel cord conveyor belt skeleton material adopt high strength steel wire rope, after cold pressing molding and core rubber and rubber after vulcanization process.

EP conveyor belts (Polyester conveyor belts)

EP conveyor belt,also called polyester conveyor belt.Force body skeleton for EPcanvas(with polyester,longitudinal transverse for nylon).have light weight, high modulus, highimpact,use small elongation,eiastic and into a good groove, resistant to moisture andinsect-resistant eat by moth,etc.suitabie for long-distance conveying material under thecondition of high load high speed.

NN conveyor belts(Nylon conveyor belts)

NN conveyor beltis also called nylon conveyor belt skeleton force body for NN canvas(vertical and horizontal are nylon).Equally with lght,high modulus,high impact,use small eiongation,good elastic. small and flourish.For the long distance and impact is blgger,wear heavier conveying material conditions.

High heat resistant conveyor belts

Hot transported material can very easily damage the conveyor belt.To prevent possible damages,special high temperature resistancecanvas with high modulus,low shrink and high breaking tensile strength is adopted as carcass.And EPDM rubber or Chloro-butylrubber with good heat-resistant performance is used as cover rubber. By mixing some other high-temperature resistance materials and with advanced  technique, the belt made better performance in heat resisance.That not only solves the fabric shrinkage and deformation problems, but also avoids crucial pooradhesion problem caused by high degree of saturation of ethylenepropylene rubber.the belt is excellent in heat resistance,low elongation, light ang with longer using life, etc.