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The pipe conveyor

The pipe conveyor

Key words:

The pipe conveyor



Detailed introduction


The pipe conveyor solves a few problems associated with the conventional belt conveyor such as:

Spillage of the material;

limited angle of inclination;

limited possibility to negotiate orizzontal curves etc;

the pipe conveyor belt,open with conventional throughing at both extremities,on the transport lenth is formed into a tubular shape which contains the material.a further advantage of this system is the limited environmental impact and a minor weight of the structures.


Structure Diagram


1. Reversing drum

2. Guidingtrough

3. Transition idler group and buffer idler group

4. Conveyor belt

5. Materials

6. Sweeper

7. Reversing drum

8. Regular polygon idler set

9. Frame support

10. Return branch idler

11. Driving drum and driving device or electric drum

12. Air break cleaner

13. Tensioning device



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